Headless charlie - reconnect

One owner creates an astronaut design for their favourite moggie and a cat is turned into classic video game character Super Mario. In another funny snap a cat dons a pair of sunglasses.

Mole, along with Ratty and MacBadger, were called to the court as witnesses of the Toad case and heard Cyril's story about how Toad got the motorcar by trading it with the weasels for Toad Hall. Mole and the others were shocked when they heard Mr. Winkie tell the court that Toad was trying to sell him the stolen motorcar, which quickly lead the court to find Toad guilty of the crime. Mole and his friends try to reopen the case with other courts but was turned each time.

Hence the mostly 😊 and yeah you cant run around like a headless chicken in hardcore. What gets me more are the footsteps in this game. They are hard to place where they are coming from exactly most times. Plus they are loud af. I run mountain class so i move around without sound but thats kinda useless when all your team mates run passed you loudly

Headless Charlie - ReconnectHeadless Charlie - ReconnectHeadless Charlie - ReconnectHeadless Charlie - Reconnect